Monday, April 18, 2011

Surprise pea plant & garlic shoots

I planted my peas - sugar snap & shell peas- last weekend, and was hoping there would be some sign of them by now. You know, some sign that spring is here! But there weren't any little buds poking up through the soil in the rows where I planted the peas.
Near the garden gate I noticed a little bud that already had leaves - a leftover pea from last fall, that must have grown to maturity unnoticed, and when I tore the bushes out in the fall it must have fallen to the ground!
 I also noticed the garlic I planted last fall starting to poke its leaves up through the mulch.
A few of the garlic chives made it through the winter under their mulch too!
I guess I can wait a while longer for the peas given all the other shoots and sprouts coming up around the garden. I'm joining up to the Homestead Barn Hop today, head on over to see what spring is bringing to families all over!

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