Friday, April 22, 2011

Bright new color in the kitchen

I'm finally done enough in the kitchen to share our new color. It's Mirage Lake by Behr. And I LOVE it. I got the color from this rug that I've had for years. When it ended up in the kitchen several months ago, I realized how nicely the color went with the cabinets. Even though we intend to totally redo the kitchen at some point in the future (I'm talking in the next decade here!), I thought a fresh bright color in there would some of the dingier aspects of the space more bearable :) We really don't like the open cabinets (I mean, some would be nice, but all of them?!), and the floors are livable but in pretty rough shape, but we are saving up for other things and having a beautiful new kitchen isn't high on the reno list right now since the kitchen is in good enough shape to use.
Isn't the color so bright and cheery?!
Here are some bits that I was very happy to remove from the room. First, the crazy wallpaper that was hidden behind the window trim - crazy, right?!

Then there were all of the gouges from whoever it was that removed all that wallpaper from the rest of the room. Oh, and the pin marks everywhere. I can't imagine what all they had up on the walls... but it was bad! I had to patch everywhere! And I can't easily forget the various shades of tan & white all over...
I was lucky when I selected the color though, I had the best helper ever! She was very interested in the paint color chips, and playing with them kept her busy for quite some time :)

Here is the end result again - it took me several weeks to get it all ready to paint, paint the first coat & all the edges, and then roll on the second coat. Totally worth all the time I spent! Sorry that in this picture the kitchen is pretty messy with dishes and things all over the counter, but I have been finding that the only times it's clean during the week is after dark!


  1. What a lovely color! And it does go so well with the darker cabinets.
    You could make some fabric panels and put them up with velcro if you don't like the open shelving concept too much. Or maybe find some lace panels at the thrift store, if you're into a more vintage look.

  2. That is a really great color!! Have you ever considered painting your cabinets, or even just your top cabinets? It would help tie-in your appliances and then really make the wall color pop!

  3. Love the color! It's a bold choice that looks wonderful.

    I just read the comment above about painting the top cabinets. I thin that would awesome, but it's a big undertaking. I know. I did mine.

    Everything is lovely. You did a nice job.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments! We might do fabric panels at some point, but I suspect we will reno the kitchen before we get around to doing much more in there! The counter tops are delaminating, and everything is pretty dated. We have talked about refinishing the cabinets to a different stain finish, but not painting... hmmm... :)


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