Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY fabric bins

Last week I pinned a fabric box tutorial that involved fabric & cardboard - both things that I had on hand. It took me a while to get time to make one for myself, but finally on Saturday I took some time in the evening after putting Little M down to bed and quickly put one together. I used the dimensions shown in the tutorial, although it turned out smaller than I had expected. When I make more bins I will enlarge the bottom and side dimensions to give it a larger bottom footprint. The tutorial was easy to follow, though, and I like how this first bin turned out.

We have lots of spots around the house where we could use nice fabric bins, either instead of the temporary cardboard boxes I've been using lately until I bought or made ones that fit us and the space better, or in spots that I have yet to design (buffet behind the couch for toy bins?). I don't have a lot of any fabric type, most of my fabric is from scavenging through my MIL's fabric collection for a quilt I had been thinking of making last year that just never happened. So if I want the bins to match, I may have to get more fabric!

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