Friday, January 27, 2012

The new & wonderful Mr. Rooster Cogburn!

Earlier this week I called a nice lady about a free Americauna rooster she had available. Little M and I were supposed to drive over to her place that evening, but the snow was dumping down pretty good a half hour before we should have left, so I called and we rescheduled to last night. We drove over, loaded him up in a small dog crate, and brought him home.

He's so pretty! Long tail feathers, beautiful feathers around his neck, and just overall gorgeous! I don't have any pictures of him yet, but we've settled him in to the coop beside the girls, so they can get to know each other slowly. I expect I'll get some pictures of him this weekend when I can see him in daylight.

We've named him Rooster Cogburn (and chickenshit if he misbehaves!). I sure hope he doesn't misbehave... :) I'm pretty excited to have him - hopefully we'll be able to raise some chicks in the future and be more self-sustaining in the chicken department, only time will tell!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your newest charge! Can't wait to see pix!


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