Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photos from a busy weekend

Since one of my current goals involves learning to use our newish digital SLR camera on the fully manual setting, I figured that I should set myself up to succeed by 1 - sharing that goal with all of you, and 2 - sharing my photos on here more regularly even when they aren't strictly garden or project-related! Keeping that in mind, here are some pictures I took this past weekend. I think they turned out fairly decently, although I know there is room for improvement - particularly with the white balance settings... :)

Over the weekend Little M and I kept ourselves busy - we went on a couple walks, so that explains the chickens and the scenery shots, and then we decided to change the furniture arrangement up in our living/dining room to see if a different floor plan would work better for us, so that explains the inside shots. Thanks for looking & hope you enjoy them!


  1. The scenery shots are lovely - lots of depth. You have the chickens a bit too warm, I think. Are you keeping a notebook with your settings or are they recorded when you download the camera?
    Gosh your floor looks clean!

  2. Love the outdoor photos! It looks amazing there!
    Love your wood floors!

  3. Mary - thanks! I think it shows up on my computer, I'll have to double check that though - good point. I thought the chickens looked a bit sunnier than it was outside! (I swiffered the floor right where the sun was hitting it... so its an illusion. that floor normally always looks a bit dirty. I don't know that I'll ever have a high gloss finish floor again, they are so much work to keep looking clean!)
    Daisy - thanks! we love it here too :)


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