Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Americauna Eggs

On the weekend, our lone americauna lady laid her first egg! It was pale green, and on the small side. She laid it in one of the worst spots, in the corner by the way outside. The day after, she laid another, larger this time, again beside the coop exit! Likely she'll lay another one today, hopefully in one of the nest boxes this time!
Little M and I were out with the chickens yesterday afternoon, and Rooster Cogburn was getting rather friendly with several of the ladies, so hopefully in the future some of these pretty green eggs will get incubated and give us some new baby chicks! Although with 13 females right now, laying 5-6 eggs a day, I'm not sure that we need to be adding any more layers to our flock!


  1. I have never seen a green hen's egg before. Lovely. You had better start making custard, there.

  2. We are getting about the same number of eggs a day... having too many is a great problem to have, though!

  3. @ Mary, funny that you've never seen a green one, for some reason, whenever I see them I think of the eggs that the 'easter bunny' would deposit in our mailbox when I was a kid ;) We need to start eating more eggs, that is for sure!
    @ Prairie Cat, welcome, and you are so right, better too many than not enough! :)

  4. How very exciting! You could go into the egg and chicken selling business with folks at work I suppose!


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