Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and more snow...

Well, after a busy weekend filled too full with trying to get Little M's new closet system built and installed before my father-in-law came to visit for a couple days, I'm rather behind on a number of things. Like cleaning the bathroom before he arrives (not gonna happen!), and doing anything about the large pile (ahem, HUGE pile?) of boxes and things between the end of the bed and the wall in the spare room. Oh, and blogging!

I was hoping to have a great before and after post to share yesterday about how Little M's closet went from packed disaster to organized and pretty, but it just didn't quite happen. Don't get me wrong, the closet is looking very organized, but the shelf I built for the middle of her closet isn't all the way installed, and definitely isn't painted. I just had to get all of her clothes and things off of the bed in the spare room, so I started filling her new shelves up! I figure next weekend I'll have some time to pull everything out, properly install the unit, and get started on painting.

There was also a little incident with some of my pepper starts falling off the top of the freezer at 10:30 one night when I was trying to use up some of our ridiculous number of eggs... so Little M and I spent some time reseeding our hot pepper plants, as well as some time starting seeds for Marigolds and Kale (not on my original list but I saw these White Russian Kale seeds which came highly recommended for picky young eaters and couldn't say no).

Oh, and it's snowing again! After getting 3-4 inches as measured on our back deck on Saturday morning, its now coming down thick again. I am getting rather tired of switching the carseat back and forth between my car (front wheel drive & non-studded tires = no steep hills in the winter) and the jeep (gas guzzler and stinky hunting rig, but does great under almost all snow conditions! 8"+ of unplowed snow on hills sometimes causes problems though!).

I'm so ready to be out in the garden doing this:

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  1. Sounds like Little M's closet is gonna be amazing!
    I can't believe you have snow! I hope you get to plant reeeeeeeeal soon!


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