Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pinterest inspired challenge - wall art for Little M!

So months and months ago, back when I was just starting to get hooked into Pinterest, I found and pinned a cute little kids name wall art piece that I thought I could easily replicate for Little M. I found my inspiration at this cute little shop called Penny Paper Co.

Well, as it turned out, I didn't find it quite so easy to recreate this in any of the programs I typically use, since I don't have any real drawing or designing programs. Then I realized that it might be easier to do in powerpoint. And after a while longer than I really had to devote to it, and longer than I planned to spend on something so seemingly simple, I was done! I think it turned out fairly nice, and looked even better once matted and in a frame on her wall.

I'm linking up to Young House Love's Pinterest Inspired Challenge. There are lots and lots of great projects over there, so head on over and check some of them out!


  1. Oh i love this idea! The colors you picked out are so cute. Love the tree picture as well. I think i might have seen this on Pinterest.... Good job!


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