Sunday, March 11, 2012

The good & the bad

As the weekend draws to a close, I'm feeling a bit unsettled. A bit aimless. A bit scrambly, as in scrambling to stay on top of a stack of marbles that really don't want to stay in a nice little pile. Yup, I think I just made that there word up. Scrambly. But as I say it over in my mind, roll it over my tongue, I think it fits really well with how I feel.

This weekend we accepted a (counter) offer on our rental house. Still some contingencies to be met, same buyer as last fall, closing in late April - if the buyer's house sells this time. After the last minute falling through of that deal last fall, I'm not very eager to get all excited. To be honest, I just want to skip forward to the closing date and see how things are sitting.

But there are things we need to do to keep the deal going - I need to write up the actions we took as a result of the buyer's home inspection last fall and send the write-up in. We also need to figure out what we will do with the seller mortgage on our current home when the rental closes: attempt to get a 15 year mortgage or stay with the so-few-years-left-to-almost-be-scary seller agreement on our current home. And so many of these decisions could go either way dependent on this crazy situation that is going on with my husband's work. Which of course has been going on for months and I really can't say any more than that due to the situation.

But really, accepting this offer is a good thing. And so to is the brand new baby that my cousin back in Ottawa had last week. Little Z. And I'm going to have to figure out how to type those fancy little dots over letters, because cute Little Z (and I assure you, she is the cutest!) has two! Mother and baby, and father too I hear, are all doing well. Not getting much sleep, but I'm sure that doesn't come as a shock to any of you who have had newborns and young children! I can't wait to see her in person, but we won't be back there until the fall. I'm sure Little Z will enjoy Little M so much more at 6 months though compared to now!

On the bad side of things, my husband's cousin's wife found out recently that she'd had a miscarriage and they lost their to-be-second baby. And then her brother's wife gave birth and the little one had to be transported to a different hospital and although it seems she is stable now, she had some trouble breathing and things were close for a bit. Our thoughts are with them, to help them heal and strengthen the bonds that hold them together. Their side of the family has had a string of hard times lately, and I just hope that they move past these and maintain the positive & loving attitude that my limited interactions with them has shown me that they have, even throughout these times.

It's hard to hear about things like this and not want, heck need, to hold Little M close. To keep my fingers crossed that when things work out in our work-drama-filled lives right now and we can start trying for another baby, we will find that road easy and not have to go through the hardships that my husband's cousin's family is going through right now. I wouldn't wish their struggles on anyone, least of all them, but the little glimpses I get of them and their strength as they move through it makes me feel not so alone in dealing with our struggles, although ours are of an entirely different sort, and gives me the courage to keep being strong. After all, if they can be strong dealing with that, then we can be strong dealing with this. Strong and scrambly. All at the same time.


  1. It's so difficult to see those we love going through hard times. It tends to help us show them how we feel about them a bit more though. As you say, bring you closer together.

    Sending ~healing~ your way.
    Keep calm and carry on...

  2. Thanks Daisy, their niece apparently had a good day yesterday and is doing well today too. let's both keep on sending that healing! :)


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