Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little M's weekend fashion show

Over the weekend I went through Little M's closet, pulling all the almost-too-small 18 month clothes out, and putting all the still-a-bit-too-big 24 month old clothes in. She had a ball trying on a bunch of the too-big outfits, so I pulled the camera out and kept it handy throughout the weekend through several outfit changes... I'm sharing them on here this week mostly for my parent's enjoyment - they normally have only dial-up internet which means they can't see the pictures on here, but this week they are traveling in the southwest and I expect they will have high speed internet at most of their accommodations.

Living across the continent & in a different country means they don't get to see Little M much in person, and having slower-than-molasses dial-up means we can't skype or share pictures via facebook. We make do, but I sure do wish they would join the 21st century soon ;) In the meantime though, they catch up on pictures when they visit my little sister in Ottawa, we talk on the phone once every week or two, and we email shrunken-down photos back and forth every so often. So with that, here are the photos!
A suitable outfit for this time of year - nice dark colors

Yeah mud & snow & dirt!

Trying on a way too big dress...

Complete with hidden zebra tights and fuzzy slippers...

Not to mention a striped beret & flower fairy headband
We decided to go outside, so took the dress off and got on a more suitable pullover, but got sidetracked playing with blankets

And then started playing hide and seek behind the beret...

Where is she?
There she is!

Then we got ready for outside... complete with a still-too-big rain jacket previously loved by her cousin J

And white socks and sandals from grammy... yeah, not so practical for our way of life...

We found some rocks & dirt

And watched Lily race around us

Love that little girl!


  1. That girl has got some fashion style! Looks like she had a blast!

  2. Talk about a million watt smile! This time of year I used to put the kidlets into rubber boots and they would come home in bare, mud caked feet, having stuck the boots in the mire and been unable to pull them out.

  3. she's just too cute! I love that smile. What fun!

  4. Your daughter is adorable, these are such great shots!!!

  5. totally off subject- but can you tell me how you get your page header pictures to fill in the whole top of the page.....i hate how small mine are....any tips?!

    1. I posted a comment on your blog about it Bethany, hopefully those tips help :) If needed any more pointers or wanted more detail, you could send me your email address & I could respond more there if you wanted.

  6. Thanks Katy, hope she looks like R as a child,cause she doesn't look like you. Just getting into the same kind of trouble - you also liked to try on clothes, and get out in the mud with the dogs.

  7. Thanks for the great comments ladies :)


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