Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knitted present - finished!

This afternoon we are heading over to some friends for their son's first birthday party. Even though it is still very much winter here, with up to a foot of new snow forecast over the next few days, it is a pool party! They have a small pool that the little kids can play in inside, so Little M and the other little kiddos will be able to have fun splashing in the water. Hopefully I can manage to stay relatively dry! My husband has to work, but they live right outside of the town where he works so hopefully he will be able to drop in briefly.

Before we go I need to finish the hat I am knitting for their son's birthday... I should have started (and finished) it days ago, but its been busy here and I have been working on other projects. Now I'm trying to finish it while Little M alternates between stealing my balls of yarn and using me as her own personal jungle gym. Makes knitting hard!
Hopefully I will update this post later today with a completed picture... Hopefully!!

So I didn't get the hat finished in time for the party this afternoon, but this evening I finished it off. I'm meeting them again Tuesday for our weekly mama & baby walk, so I'll give it to them then :) Here's the final product! I think it turned out really nicely :)


  1. Wow! Just had my first knitting lesson this afternoon so I'm even more impressed!

  2. thanks ladies!
    Teresa, I sure hope she'll be a knitter :) As long as she doesn't 'borrow' too many of my needles.


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