Friday, February 18, 2011

trim trim and more trim

So in the last week I have seen small but amazing progress on our house's to-do list. Firstly, I finally finished the bathroom trim that I started months ago! With my husband's help, we renailed the trim to the wall (I am fairly good with most power tools but using our finish nailgun is not one of my strengths!). I still need to do some touch up's on the yellow wall paint, but since I am not in love with the color (I think I should have gone with the gray-blue that I originally picked, even though I thought a rubber ducky bathroom would be so cute for Little M and any future kiddos to grow up with) I am putting off finishing the touch ups since it is good enough and likely I'm the only one who notices the small imperfections. There is still a lot to do in the bathroom, but for now I am trying to ignore it and stay focused on other things :) It felt so good to finally be done that trim!

Since we finished the bathroom trim, I felt like I was ok to start the next trim project - the living room/dining room/hallway trim. My husband wanted it black. Initially, I was totally opposed, we have a lot of dark wood or black furniture, and the floors are fairly dark, so I was worried that it would be too dark - but we have some of the baseboard trim up in the hallway, and it makes the hall look much nicer, don't you think?!

There was some crazy drama on the weekend caused by this project - my husband was really excited to use the paint sprayer that he got for the trim, and set up a work zone in the garage to use the sprayer. He isn't generally as overly cautious and careful as I, but even I thought this set up looked pretty good. Unfortunately, the sprayer got a bit gunked up and really didn't spray a uniform coat, and while trying to fix it and get a good coat on the trim he made a bit of a mess of the garage... Oh well, I guess that's why we used the sprayer in the garage and not in the sunporch! I brought the trim pieces in later that evening and over the next couple nights managed to use a brush to get them evenly black :) Using the sprayer definitely cut down my brushing workload, but overall, not something we will try again with trim!

I haven't finished cutting the door trim boards, but hopefully this weekend and next week I will make some progress and can start painting them. There are also some sections where we need to figure out what to do with another project before we can install the floor trim even though it is otherwise ready:
  • behind the TV there are a couple cords that I either need to run under the house and up through the floor (and trim), or run along behind the trim from the sunporch wall.
  • there are a couple spots near the entryway where the wood flooring doesn't come close enough to the wall (oops!) so I need to pull up a couple pieces and fit in slightly larger ones, should be relatively easy with our great click-lock flooring.
  • the sliding glass door that goes from the living room to the sunporch doesn't have trim boards around it on the inside, so before I can put up the baseboard/floor trim, I need to figure out how thick the trim boards will be on that.
It's amazing how every time I try to do one project completely, I uncover 3 more that have to be done before I can actually finish the first project!

We need to pick up more trim boards the next time we are across the pass at Home Depot, because at the moment we don't have enough to finish the nursery trim completely, so I don't feel motivated to start.

I haven't made much progress on the sunporch, apart from moving and rearranging some stuff out there and turning the washer and dryer back so that they are side-by-side and flush - so that its easier to use them. Hopefully I will start making some progress there soon, as there is so much potential storage space out there once we get the floor done! (at the moment I worry about losing things down the cracks and holes, not to mention losing dogs down the subfloor entry when I have the trap door up!). I think the sunporch is looking a bit better now than last time though, don't you?

I have to admit that I did a bad bad thing last weekend though, I added (and kinda even finished) something to my to-do list... I moved my desk/office space from Little M's room into the closet of the guest bedroom where my husband's computer desk lives. I love how well this has worked to improve the function and appearance of both rooms, so I'll post more on this later - stay tuned!


  1. I came here, a little late, to see your Bloom Day post, and what do I find... argh, renovations! We have a house to do list too :-)
    Now, where are the plants...

  2. Looks like you have a project going on. I left you a message on Blotanical. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.


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