Thursday, February 24, 2011

Found: grow light for seed starting!

I mentioned recently that I had recently realized there was a shop light hanging in the garage. Here it is above one of the work benches:
I figured we don't really need it there, and definitely not right now, so I moved it onto the sunporch to use as a seed starting light this spring. I had to have some serious discussions with my husband about how our pepper plants (among others) will be much better this summer if they have the grow light on them over the next couple months. He doesn't like the artificial lights and didn't want them in the house, even on the sunporch.  He eventually agreed to have the grow light on the sunporch for the spring, as long as I had it against the inside wall so it wasn't overly visible from the main room... Of course, this means I will have to constantly shift plants from the grow light to the window, but whatever, sometimes you gotta be content with small steps :)

I shifted some things around, and used a bit of extra rope from my clothesline to lower the light from the ceiling, where I had screwed 2 hooks into the ceiling joists. I still need to lower it a bit more, or use more bins to raise the 'stand' level up so that the plants will be closer to the light.  Ignore all the extra boxes of xmas decorations, I need to figure out someplace else to put them - they were stacked up in that corner. I've got a timer that I will put on the light so that I can easily set it to be on at certain times of day. Hopefully this will seriously beef up my pepper plants this spring!


  1. You've got a good idea going on there! It'll be fun to watch your progress.

  2. Takes a lot of persuasion to change a man's mind. Laughing. With you, I hope.

  3. If you don't mind me asking what part of WA you are located. I am outside of Yakima. Your pictures look a lot like our area. If you don't want to tell that's OK.

  4. Thanks Carolyn, I'm looking forward to little sprouts growing strong under that light!
    Mary - laughing with me of course :)
    Teresa - we are a bit over an hour north of Wenatchee. I laughed when I read this, cause when I first looked at your pictures I wondered the same thing about you :)

  5. Thats funny, it looks like our area so much, you just had to live over here;)


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