Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unfinished Project To-Do List

Lover of lists that I am, I figured after pledging earlier this week to start getting some of the 'almost done' projects finished up, I needed a list. That should help remind myself of how many projects we have yet to completely finish, and to motivate me to start crossing things off that list! I've made the tasks small & simple, cause crossing things off my list makes me oh so happy :)

So here goes, the list to finish unfinished construction-related projects around the house:

Back in October - there was a backsplash hiding this classy wallpaper
  • Bathroom paint & trim
--touch up the corners & edges with yellow (and a clean brush with no leftover green oil based paint - whoops!)
--finish tacking the trim up (who knew how hard it would be to pound finish nails in after the nail gun was set too low?!)
--finish filling nail holes in trim with wood filler
--touch up white paint on trim over wood filler

  • Living room, Hallway, & Nursery trim
--measure, measure again, & cut trim for floor & doors to length (this may take some time...)
--spray paint trim white (nursery) or black (hallway & living room)
--nail in place (my husband is much better with the nail gun than I)
--use wood filler for holes
--touch up paint on trim over wood filler
  • Hardwood flooring edges/joins with other flooring types
--measure 2 bathroom, 1 hallway, 1 kitchen, & potentially 2 patio door thresholds
--decide on edging type (Home Depot where we got our amazing click-lock engineered wood flooring has 2 types of reducers for our type of wood)
--buy edging
--measure, measure again, and cut edging to length (my dad is one of those 'measure twice, cut once' guys, and I always do tell myself to do the same)
--install the edging so we don't stub our toes, wear down the edge of the floor, or trip! (Luckily the little one has gotten secure enough in her scooting to not fall over the edge & bonk her head. That was always painful...)

  • Finish replacing the 5 sunporch patio doors with new doors/windows
--re-set (shim out) patio door so it closes easier
--put plywood house siding back up around windows & doors
--put house siding back up around windows & doors
--put insulation back up around the exterior of the windows & doors
--foam-insulate the interior of the re-set patio door
--finish putting flashing at bottom of windows & doors

  • Sunporch... I likely over stepped myself here by planning to re-route some plumbing and electrical (among other things). I won't even list all the steps necessary because its a little embarrassing how much there is to do! Instead I'll put in some pictures so you can see the horror that awaits... 
At some point we will have to redo the plumbing in the whole house. The main line is a mis-matched mess from past freezes, fixes, and additions. The sunporch contains the water tank and laundry, at either end, so at least some plumbing fixes are necessary to make the sunporch a fully livable area.
    The laundry drain froze briefly last year, so I plan to move the pipes to the interior wall to the right of this picture, stack the washer & dryer, and add a laundry tub so we have running water out there for the dogs, or watering plants, or washing hands...

    Looking towards the other end of the sunporch, you can see that plumbing is perhaps the least of my worries. That shiny stuff you can see between boards at the back wall is foam insulation, which at least where I grew up isn't to code in an inside space without drywall. Just ignore Remi in her kennel with the cone of shame on, she got in a tangle with a stick and it won, so she had some stitches that we didn't want her chewing on.

    See, even the little one thinks its hilarious that I think I am a match for the sunporch... and I'll leave you with this happy, mischievous face. Till next time!

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    1. I paint the primer on the trim, install, fill holes and put the top coat on. If you are using flat or matte paint, you don't have to do it this way, though. Saves a lot of crawling around on the floor. Black? Are you nuts or just have a very steady hand?
      I am hearing about the plumbing problems. Maybe wait until spring and your dad's visit, hmm?
      Sure is one gorgeous little girl.


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