Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy seed day, happy seed day!

My seeds have arrived!

Well, actually they arrived a week ago, I just forgot about them until I was downloading pictures off of my camera (oops!). I realized that not only had I forgotten they had arrived, but I had forgotten to post about them, even after I took some fun pictures to show!

I ordered from Seed Savers International, and boy did they come quickly - it was under a week from when I placed my order to when they showed up in my mailbox. I ordered 12 different types of seeds, and don't the packets look beautiful?

I forgot to take a picture of my existing stash of seeds, which takes up a small rubbermaid bin. I'll try and get one up at some point in the future though :) Has anyone else been receiving any new & exciting seed packets in the mail recently?


  1. YAY! I received my Gurney's order ( corn) and my Totally Tomatoes ( tomatoes, herbs and peppers)Order this past week. We get a lot of the other stuff like squash, cucumbers etc. from the local Co-op.

  2. I need to pick up one more thing and I'll be done for the year. Yeah!! Now to just get around to planting it all! I keep hoping to get to Decorah to the Seed Saver's Exchange, it isn't really that far from us- probably less than 2 hours- but I just can't seem to fit it into the schedule.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to see someone else is as crazy as we are!


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