Friday, February 11, 2011

How to deal with (blog-derived) idea overload

Since I began reading and following blogs (just last fall!), I have been struggling with balancing my available project time with the ideas for projects I get by reading all the great blogs out there. I've posted previously about how I need to slow down and finish up old projects before I start on new ones. This led me to set a goal for this month to get all my current projects done before I let myself start any new ones.

Even though that was barely over a week ago, I am already finding myself (after reading some of my favorite blogs) coming up with new project ideas. This would be ok if I was just writing them in my garden/house idea & to-do book, but earlier today I found myself writing some of these new projects on my weekend to-do list, which I try to make most Friday's so that I know what I need and want to do over the weekend. Shoot! This can't happen - I really haven't made all that much progress on those old projects that I pledged to get done this month!

One thing I have noticed is that I tend to see a great idea, file it away in my head, and then weeks later when I have time (or put off current projects to make time... arg...) I can't remember where I saw the idea, and I end up wasting my free time just trying to re-find the blog post or site that I was inspired by. I realized that a great way to solve that is to bookmark any ideas or projects that I want to implement around my house - calling them things like 'bathroom storage ideas', or 'cupboard refinishing techniques' or whatever key phrase will help me remember what I wanted to do with them.

I think bookmarking great blog posts will really help me save time down the road, and it will also help when I am sitting down thinking about what I should do next. I also really hope that using bookmarks will let me keep my focus on my current projects, and not get all distracted planning new projects!

Tomorrow, I will finish the bathroom trim. I will!


  1. File folders help, too. I have paint chips, seeds, a whole bunch of stuff, filed under projects.

  2. Hi! I'm a new reader, but I have a great idea for helping you remember things that you want to do. It's called It's completely free and pretty simple to use. The program allows you to "clip" articles, recipes, pictures, whatever you want from online and assign tags to it (like recipe, gardening or decorating), but the best part is that it stores what you've clipped on your computer so that you don't even have to be online to look at something you've saved! I LOVE it!


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