Monday, February 14, 2011

African Violet

My husband gave me an African Violet for Valentines Day. Really, I had been planning on getting one since my grandma passed away in December. One of my favorite memories of my grandparents house is my grandma's light unit where she kept African Violets. When she passed away I wasn't able to go to the funeral, so in her memory, Little M and I bought some peanuts in the shell and put them out for the Stellars Jays at our bird feeder, like we used to do for Blue Jays at my grandma's, and I promised myself I would get an African Violet for in the house to remember her by. I hadn't seen one locally in the last 2 months, so my husband picked one up for me when we were across visiting family on the west side of the state last weekend. It has some buds coming, although with the temperature and humidity changes it has been through from the store to here they may not make it, only time will tell :) Here it is:


  1. Lovely flowers you have going and they look very healthy and happy.

    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. I'm sorry about your grandma. What a sweet story, and such a nice thing your husband did.


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